There are things in life that are true.


Whether or not we choose to believe truths, will make a difference right now as well as in the after-life.

If you are already bulking about all of this, stop, and start using your own mind to consider the truth about what is written here.


Every human was created by a higher power… let's call Him "God" almighty.


Let’s agree that God's ways are not our ways. Nothing happens without His permission, whether or not we like it. We may not fully understand His “why” about events, but know this… he created you and I for a reason.

God orchestrated a history book that people now call the bible.  Go find a committed believer in Christianity with whom you can read through the Bible. This will allow for your more rapid understanding of what you are reading.

God does not force anyone to love him. The life that He gave us is a gift… a gift to which He preferred, was to last even beyond life on earth.

Here is a list in simple terms about part of His after-life plan:

  • He loves us, each one of His creations.
  • He wishes we will choose to love Him in return.
  • He wishes we would choose to serve Him forever.
  • He is holy, we are not holy. All of us have sinned.
  • The unholy cannot exist in heaven (after-life) along with He who is all-holy.
  • As has always been the case, our sins must be forgiven by our God.
  • As has always been the case, atonement for sins must be made to God.
  • (No matter how hard we try, we humans are incapable of atoning for our own sins.)

Jesus, the Son of God, presented Himself as the  atonement for our sins.

His atonement covers all sin, past and future.

The atonement is effective if we choose to accept it.

Jesus said by trusting in him as being the Son of God, [and being our only savior] we are assured that we may be allowed to live with God in heaven forever. To that He added that faith without works is of no value to God.

Jesus said he will be our intercessor at the final judgment of all humans. Our advocate!


Whether or not you believe that which Jesus taught, your response is now your own decision. Why not begin your own in depth study about this subject?

Believing Jesus to be the Son of God, who stands as the atonement for our sins, can be the first step towards your greatest turning point.


Listen, if the life, death and resurrection of Jesus never happened, then Jesus would have been wasting His entire 33 years striving to accomplish His goal. God doesn’t waste time.

We have the rest of eternity to gain, or lose. It is our choice to follow His gospel. God doesn't force us to trust him or to love him.

If you are sincerely looking for the peace that passes all understanding, then admit to God Almighty that you are sorry for your sins against Him. Ask Him to forgive you.  Tell Him you are now placing your trust only in Jesus Christ, His Son, as your personal savior.


Commit yourself to follow the gospel of Jesus as explained in the bible. Read the bible on a regular basis.

Hang-out with fellow Christians. You’ll be glad you did.

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